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The U. S. Constitution


Frederick Douglass, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right. from Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division.  http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2004671911

Web Guides:

The Articles of Confederation

United States Constitution

The Federalist Papers

The Bill of Rights

13th Amendment

14th Amendment

15th Amendment





General Information :

Constitution Primary Source Set

Creating the Constitution: Interactive

Creating the Bill of Rights: Interactive

Creating the United States: Word Search

Constitution of the United States of America

Constitution Delegates Matrix

Scene at signing of the Constitution of the United States (Picture)

Transcription of the Introduction and the U.S. Constitution from the First Volume of the Annals of Congress

The Charters of Freedom

The United States Constitution (from the House of Representatives)

Constitution du 17 septembre 1787 (Constitution in French)

U.S. Constitution (In Spanish and English)

Interactive Constitution




Lesson Plans:

Constitution Day (Grade 2)

“Shh! We’re Writing Our Constitution in Room 117…” (Grades 4-6)

The Series of Unfortunate Americans: or Where Would Americans be Without The Bill of Rights (Grades 5-8)

Introducing our Constitution-Problems with the Articles of Confederation (Grade 6)

U.S. Constitution (Grade 6)

Learning about the United States Constitution Using Primary Sources   (Grades 8)

Introduction to the US Constitution (Grades Middle School - High School)

The Bill of Rights: Debating the Amendments (Grades 6-12)

In Congress Assembled: Continuity and Change in the Governing of the United States (Grades 6-12)

The Happy Progress of Our Affairs: George Washington and the U.S. Constitution (Grades 8-12)

The Constitution: Drafting a More Perfect Union (Grades 9-12)

The Constitution: Counter Revolution or National Salvation? (Grade 11)

A nation of compromise: Constitutional Convention (Grade 12)

Constitutional Convention Simulation

Primary Source Set: The Constitution

Teacher Guide Primary Source Set: The Constitution

Zoom-In: Constitutional Convention



American Memory and American Story Collections:

Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, 1774-1789

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation

The James Madison Papers

George Washington Papers at Library of Congress 1741-1799

The Thomas Jefferson Papers, 1606-1827

The Articles of Confederation Were Adopted November 15, 1777

James Madison's Contribution to the Constitution

New Jersey Approved the Constitution December 18, 1787

The New United States of America Adopted the Bill of Rights December 15, 1791

14th Amendment to the Constitution Was Ratified July 28, 1868

Nineteenth Amendment Granting Women's Suffrage Was Sent to the States June 4, 1919

The 24th Amendment Ended the Poll Tax January 23, 1964



Web casts:

The Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution